Monday, April 28, 2008

Looking for anotther job

Hello all. I haven't posted for a while. I had a nasty bout with either an extreme cold, or pretty bad flu. The nasty virus didn't leave his business card, so I'm not sure which. I was only off my feat a few days, but the residual effects stayed with me a while. I've still got some congestion. Oh, yes, about the job. (Hey I think I'm a real blogger now. I'm bombarding people with the details of my life as if anybody is actually reading this. :-))

A recruiter saw my resume online, which hadn't been updated for a while, and thought I was a good fit for a contract position they have at a bank. I sent an up-t0-date version, and it's resulted in a telephone interview for tomorrow. The hourly comp is an upgrade from what I am making now, and more importantly, it would give me my guaranteed 40 every week. I make a living wage now, if only I was getting my 40. It's feast or famine, with some weeks giving me a very decent pay, and some weeks little or nothing. And we are at the low point of the year right now. The job can be interesting at times, and other times, the work is really below what I want to be doing.

This job would entail taking part in the testing of some new security software for a bank, and then providing user support during the rollout. Sounds like my kind of job. I hope I have enough bells and whistles to impress the interviewer.

I'm glad I had the foresite not to have my name on this blog so employers could not google me.


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