Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Google Avenue Freeze-Out

Welcome to my new blog. I started the blog Sunday, but didn't get a chance to post anything at the time. Yesterday, I get a mail from Google telling me my blog has been temporarily frozen beause it was suspected of being a spam site. Spam? There was nothing about Nigerian lotteries, or bigger penises, or working from home. There wasn't even anything about that semi-edible canned meat. In fact there wasn't anything. Maybe that was the problem. Because nothing was immediately posted, it looked suspicious. Or maybe the aspergerandfries string appeared to spam catching software to be random characters, a red flag. Anyway, Google sent me an email informing me of this, along with some links to appeal my status. Basically, all I had to is click the link saying I wanted a human being to review this, and fill out one of those Kapture boxes to prove I was a human being and not a spam bot. They never emailed me back to tell me I was out of jail, but I can now access the site and update it, so I guess I'm legal. It's really a nuisance, but at least Google is doing something about spam.

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